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Defense Company or Contractor

The RTS 500 is a compact, efficient wash water filtration system designed to handle waste streams containing light solids and oils.

The RTS 1000 Phosphate is designed specifically for phosphate pre-treatment applications.

For moderate to heavy mud and oil loads, the RTS 3000 filtration system features inclined plate separators to settle mud in a large initial settling chamber.

For tough-to-handle, heavy mud applications, the RTS 5000 is the best filtration system for heavy dirt operations.

EST provides two emergency filtration systems: an emergency water filtration system and an emergency decontamination filtration system.

EST provides maintenance and parts for all Cyclonator systems, including the Cyclonator Deuce, Cyclonator II and Cyclonator III, which are no longer manufactured.

RTS Systems are assembled and ready to be hooked up to a concrete wash pad, spray booth or a modular wash rack system. EST can custom design filtration systems to meet your specific needs.

EST Companies offers the RTS Series of closed loop water treatment systems that have been specifically designed to be used in wash rack applications. The systems recycle wash water from the above-ground wash racks, in-ground sumps, skid steer troughs, conveyors or trench drains. Whether you are degreasing or acid washing parts, or demucking equipment, the RTS Series can save you time and money while avoiding EPA fines.

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