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EST provides maintenance and parts for all Cyclonator systems, including the Cyclonator Deuce, Cyclonator II and Cyclonator III, which are no longer manufactured.

The all stainless steel Cyclonator Deuce uses an industrial sump pump to recover wash water from in-ground sumps. Standard filtration with this system includes oil coalescing and oil skimmer, ozone injection, 24/7 recirculation, back washable media filtration and absolute filtration. The completely automatic system is entirely contained within a lockable heated enclosure.​

The Cyclonator® is a closed loop wash rack system. The filtration system recycles wash water from the above ground wash rack, or it can be used with an existing trench drain or sump. The zero discharge process allows environmentally safe cleaning by using a simple filtration process and features a built in oil-water separator.​

The Cyclonator III® is designed for tough to handle, heavy mud applications.​ The Cyclonator III® can handle huge amounts of dirt and mud due to unequaled designed dwell time and built in conveyor to automatically remove settle mud to hopper for easy disposal.


If you are interested in a replacement system for your current system, Cyclonators have been replaced by/ updated to the new RTS Systems.  EST Sales can help find the best RTS system to meet all your washing needs. 

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