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RTS 500 Water Filtration System

The RTS 500 is a compact, efficient wash water filtration system designed to handle waste streams containing light solids and oils, such as industrial parts degreasing and maintenance equipment washing. The RTS 500 filters and treats waste water for reuse or proper discharge in compliance with EPA and municipal regulations. The all-stainless steel filtration system features inclined plate separators to settle solids in a large initial settling chamber. Oil is coalesced by passing through a cube of porous polypropylene (coalescing media) and then removed from the water by a large disc skimmer. A industrial stainless impeller pump transfers the waste water through high-flow industrial multimedia filter (if equipped) to remove suspended solids, heavy metals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This filter is automatically back-washed when needed. A final absolute polishing filter cleans the water to 5 microns before sending it to a holding tank. Water in the system is continuously circulated and injected with ozone or bacteria to prevent the onset of unwanted odors.​

Standard Features


  • Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Oil Water Separator

  • Skid based system for easy forklift moving

  • Absolute Filter: Stainless steel canister filter with filters down to .1 micron (25 micron standard)

  • Capacity: 836 Gallons

  • Oil Skimmer: Disk oil skimmer with 4 gallon container

  • Coalescing Media:

  • Odor Control: Ozone Injection or Bio-Enzymes (Bugs) or Chemical Injection (Determined based on waste stream)

  • Recovery Pump:  Above Ground Rack: Run dry diaphragm pump, Sump Based Wash Rack: Heavy duty cast iron Goulds brand sump pump

  • Control Panel: NEMA 4 panel with Allen-Bradley PLC control

  • Maintenance: Automatic program maintenance via PLC 

Optional & Upgrades


  • Integrated into 20’ or 40’ Improved ISO Container

  • Multimedia filter(s) filled Carbon, sand, gravel and/or various medias for removal of organics, heavy metals and other containments

  • Solids settling / separating tanks

  • Hot / Cold Water Pressure Washer

  • Water Cannon

  • Reverse osmosis (RO) for spot free rinse

  • Waste Water Evaporator

  • Other components based on waste stream




Wier Dimensions


Process Rate

Delivery Pressure

Delivery Flow



336 gallons plus holding tank

516 lbs dry

48" H x 48" W x 70" L

208, 240, 480, single or 3 phase

Up to 15 GPM

80-15,000 psi

2-80 GPM

304 L stainless steel

RTS 500 Filtration System
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