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Capabilities & Qualifications

EST Companies will be there to support you with both parts and service. Whether it be for routine and preventative supplies, parts and service or the unexpected problem; Our goal is always 100% satisfaction. Our commitment to our customers is rapid response and superior service! 

EST Companies Service Technicians are highly trained and qualified to meet any of your pressure washer or wash rack needs.  Safety is top priority at EST, and all EST Service Technicians are OSHA-30 and/or MSHA trained and certified.  EST Service Technicians are also trained certified for fork lift and man lift operation across several types and brands of equipment.  Our service technicians possess a broad range of skills to meet the demands required to keep your equipment operational.   The following list highlights several examples of our service techs abilities:


  • OSHA-30 and/or MSHA certified

  • Equipment Operator certified

    • Forklift

    • Manlift

    • Telehandler

    • Sling Loading Operations

  • Filtration equipment

    • Oil water separators

    • Oil skimmers

    • Sump systems

    • Media filtration, including carbon, sand and paper bed media

    • Absolute filtration, including bag and cartridge filters

    • Grass catchers​

  • Pressure washers:  Each of our techs are factory trained to fully service your pressure washer.

    • Pumps

    • Motors

    • Heat systems

    • Wands and hoses 

  • Plumbing:  EST service technicians are each experienced with plumbing installation and repair​.

    • Threaded galvanized, black or stainless pipe in schedule 40 or 80 from ½” to 2” onsite

    • PVC pipe in schedule 40 or 80 from 1” to 6”

    • Copper pipe from ½” to 4”

    • High pressure and low pressure hoses, including suction and discharge hoses


  • Electrical:  Our service techs know your system in and out, including all electrical systems and controls.

    • Industrial controls 

    • Allen Bradley, Siemens and other PLC brands with onsite programming capabilities

    • Rigid, IMC and EMT conduit runs

    • Single phase and three phase power systems

    • 120/24 VAC and 24 VDC controls systems

    • Automated valve and motor systems

  • Mechanical:   Mechanical issues are no problem; our techs are widely versed in all basic mechanical systems and repairs.​

    • Belts

    • Bearings

    • Gear box rebuild or replace

    • Machine tear down and rebuild

    • Pump rebuild or replace

    • Motor replacement

  • Fabrication:  If there isn’t an off the shelf solution, we will create one for you!

    • Welding mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum, onsite available

    • Grate, frame, guarding or other custom fabrication items

    • Custom high pressure hoses made to order or fitted onsite

Preventative Maintenance

A critical component to maximizing the up-time and efficiency of your wash equipment is to implement a regular maintenance program that addresses small issues before they become big expensive ones.  Years of maintenance experience has shown us that it is cheaper and more efficient to care for these wash rack and pressure washer systems on pre-scheduled basis, rather than waiting for them to breakdown.  Unexpected breakdowns result in expensive repairs and costly down time.  Most of these breakdowns can be easily avoided with a properly implemented preventative maintenance program.  We custom tailor our PM programs to meet your needs and your equipment.  We will fashion a maintenance schedule to match the volume of your use of the system and provide you with a custom PM report specific to your equipment. 

  •      Weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual PM plans are available.

  •      We work under state, federal, military, municipal and private maintenance nationwide

  •      No contract service arrangements are also available

Service Calls

EST Service Technicians are prepared for the unexpected breakdown.   We have regional technicians located throughout the country prepared to meet your service needs.   Most service calls can be scheduled within 24-48 hours.  We will thoroughly troubleshoot and diagnose your issues to find the root source of the problem so we can get it fixed and back up and running as efficiently as possible.

Parts & Consumables

Each service vehicle outfitted with a wide range of fittings, repair components and filters for common issues associated with wash rack and pressure washer systems.   Each EST service vehicle is outfitted with over 600 different individual parts to meet your needs, and our warehouse contains many more specialty items to keep your system operational.

  •        High and low pressure plumbing fittings in brass and steel

  •        Polypropylene plumbing fittings

  •        Hoses and wands

  •        Filters

  •        Pump oil

  •        Fuses and electrical components

  •        Basic hardware

  •        Pressure washer repair components, including unloaders, relief valves, etc.

Defense Company and Contractor

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