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RTS 1000 Phosphate Filtration System

RTS 1000 Phosphate Filtration System

EST's RTS 1000 Phosphate system is a closed loop washing and filtration system.  The system can be engineered and built to handle multiple stages of pretreatment cleaning, rinse and sealing.  These stages work together to provide excellent substrate preparation while preventing ground water contamination and reducing water and sewage costs.

  • High pressure cleaning and degreasing                                

  • EPA compliant, zero discharge                                               

  • Vacuum suction continually recovers wash water               

  • High throughput wash, rinse, filtration and reclamation        

  • Easy start up, shut down                                                             

  • Reduce chemical consumption 80%                                       

  • Compatible with cleaners, phosphate and zirconium               

  • Complete plug and play system


Cut Phosphate Costs by 80%

RTS 1000 Specifications



Wier Dimensions


Process Rate

Delivery Pressure

Delivery Flow



200 gallons plus holding tank

1200 lbs. dry

50" H x 48" W x 102" L

208, 240, 480, single or 3 phase

Zero-20 GPM

500-3500 PSI

4-10 GPM

304 L stainless steel

RTS 1000 Phosphate Filtration System


Phosphate chemical recycling



Paint pre-treatment

Aircraft ground support equipment

Die washing

Rental yards

Degreasing operations

Forklift washing

Concrete forms


Standard filtration includes an oil coalescing and oil skimming, ozone injection, 24/7 recirculation, a pressurized line feed and two absolute filters.

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