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Defense Company and Contractor


EST Companies offers custom vehicle wash racks and systems as well as offering the wash equipment needed to maximize the use of the systems. These wash racks and systems can be customized for all sizes and types of vehicles.

Truck Wash

EST Companies provides automated vehicle wash systems for washing and rinsing trucks, military equipment, buses and mining equipment. EST installs both above ground portable wash systems and permanent wash bay installations. 

Above Ground Wash Rack

EST Companies above ground wash racks, wash pads and containment pads are available in deployable, portable, semi-permanent and permanent configurations. Above ground wash racks are modular and available in all different sizes. No permits typically required. Fast to setup and easy to relocate.

Concrete Wash Racks

EST Companies concrete wash racks are custom designed to handle your equipment. Whether washing military, construction, mining or oil field equipment, these systems are engineered to handle heavy mud and debris. Concrete Wash Racks can be equipped with in ground conveyors to automatically remove mud from trenches.

Central Vehicle Wash System

EST Companies multi-lane wash systems are designed to facilitate fast and effective wash down of military and civilian equipment. Features include drive up inspection ramps, water cannons, automatic under spray systems and pressure washers.

Fuel Containment Pad

EST Companies provides fuel containment pads for U.S. Military refueling trucks. These pads are designed to capture fuel spills.

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