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RTS 5000 Water Filtration System
RTS 5000 Filtration System

For tough-to-handle, heavy mud applications, the RTS 5000 is the best filtration system yet for heavy dirt operations. A stainless steel filtration chamber incorporates inclined plate separators that drop solids into the RTS 5000’s built-in conveyor which drags the mud to an external hopper for easy disposal with a forklift. After the 850-gallon settling chamber, the wash water passes through oil coalescing media and is then pumped through a high-pressure, auto back-washing media filter and then through a polishing filter down to 5 microns. The RTS 5000 is used in applications where water cannons are knocking hopper loads of mud off of construction equipment. The RTS 5000 is frequently used with EST's above ground wash racks with optional built-in conveyors or with concrete pads.

  • One button GripStart operation                      

  • Only filtration system with built-in mud conveyor                                                                     

  • 850 gallons of mud settling                                   

  • High pressure back washable media filter    

  • PLC controlled                                                           

  • Automatic oil skimmer                                      

  • Absolute filtration to 1 micron                               

  • Continuous recirculation                                        

  • 1/4 yard self dumping hopper

RTS 5000 Water Filtration System


Equipment covered in mud, clay, debris, and oils

Municipal road vehicles, including salt trucks and street sweepers

Industrial and commercial vehicles

Fracking trucks and other oil field equipment

Rental equipment




Wier Dimensions


Process Rate

Delivery Pressure

Delivery Flow


915 gallons plus holding tank

3200 lbs dry

96" H x 60" W x 130" L

208, 240, 480, single or 3 phase

Up to 75 GPM

80-15,000 PSI

4-80 GPM

304 L stainless steel

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