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Truck Wash Systems

EST provides automated vehicle wash systems for washing and rinsing trucks, military equipment, buses and mining equipment. EST installs both above ground portable wash systems and permanent  wash bay installations. 

Custom engineered truck wash systems for:

Truck Wash, Wash Rack
Truck Wash, Wash Rack
Truck Wash, Wash Rack

Track Out Prevention for Large Vehicles

                            Lehigh, CA

Applicable Products

Wash Racks

Above Ground Wash Racks

Concrete Pad Wash Racks

Water and Pressure Cannons

Filtration Systems

EST Municipal Truck Wash System, City of Columbia, South Carolina.

70' long bay fuel key activated wash. Initial alkaline chemical application followed by 300 GPM @ 300 PSI rinse arch with high impact spinners

Nevada DOT Salt Truck Rinse System

ryan truck.jpg

Truck Wash System, Duke Energy

Drive Through Truck Wash

Oil Field Truck Wash System

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