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Clear Water Rinse

The Clear Water Rinse System, also known as a Bird Bath, is a drive through system. It is designed to rinse both rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft from the UH60 to B-2 Bomber.​ CWRS helps prevent aircraft corrosion quickly and effectively by rinsing aircraft as they taxi back to the flight line or gate. Frequent clear water rinses remove corrosion causing agents like salt and dust before they cause damage.

  • Approved for fixed and rotary wing aircraft                                                                  

  • Fully automatic, no operator required                                                                            

  • Automatically compensates for wind speed and direction                                             

  • Engineered for efficiency in both pressure and flow                                                  

  • Different spray patterns for different airframes                                                          

  • Reclaims, filters and reuses 80% of water                                                                    

  • Permanent or deployable options available                                                                       

  • Plug and play system

Clear Water Rinse System                                                   Barbors Point, HI

Bird Bath: Clear Water Rinse System
Bird Bath: Clear Water Rinse System

Project Title: Clear Water Rinse System for F-22 to B-52 aircraft


Location: Anderson AFB, Guam


Organization Supported: USAF


Contract: Sub Contract to Nikking Construction


Description of work: Design, install, commission and train personnel on automatic Clear Water Rinse System (CWRS) for F-22 to B-52 Aircraft. System meets USAF rinse standards & is 100% automated and built into below grade vault near taxiway. Project was built to include high flow under carriage rinse system, 8x high flow automatic water monitors, 2600 GPM total flow, 400 GPM water filtration system and weather monitor station. System automatically filters rinse water and monitors holding tank water quality. Rinse system is controlled via touch screen allowing the tower to select the type of aircraft being rinsed.  System automatically adjusts flows and pressure and spray pattern based on aircraft type & automatically adjusts for wind.

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